House Bar Menu

The menu at our house bar is designed to show off all the products we make: Bitters, tinctures, syrups, shrubs, liqueurs and infusions – all made from 100% natural ingredients. Classic cocktails with a twist; lesser-known gems; and house creations.
We are open from 4-10pm, Tuesday-Sunday.
Find us in the blue villa on the corner of Street 75 and Street 86.

Cocktail deliveries

All the drinks on this menu are available for delivery or for takeout. We mix fresh to order, bottle, and send to you along with garnishes and instructions.

  • For takeout, send us a message on Facebook or give us a call on 098 813 018 – you can pay in cash or by ABA transfer.
  • For delivery, please order via NHAM24 or Muuve, or contact us directly for delivery via Grab Express.

You can also order our products – including infused vodkas and tequilas, bloody mary mix, syrups and bitters for delivery via Nham24 and Grocerdel.


All made with 100% blue agave tequila and freshly-squeezed lime. Who doesn't love a good margarita?


Lunazul Tequila, Tomoka Pomelo & Saffron Shrub, Ruby Grapefruit, Tomoka Smoked Chili Tincture
$26 for 6 drinks
$4.33 per drink

Truffle & Spice Margarita

Tomoka White Truffle Tequila, Lime, Tomoka Banana & Spice Liqueur, Passionfruit
$22 for 6 drinks
$3.67 per drink

All things gin

From the strong and slow-sipping to the boozy and tropical.

Hibiscus Negroni

Bombay Sapphire Gin, Campari, Tomoka Hibiscus Shrub
$22 for 6 drinks
$3.67 per drink

Mango Reviver

Bombay Sapphire Gin, Lillet Blanc, Tomoka Green Mango Liqueur, Lime
$22 for 6 drinks
$3.67 per drink

Seekers Saturn

Seekers Mekong Dry Gin, Tomoka Orgeat, Lime, Tomoka Falernum, Tomoka Passionfruit Syrup
$32 for 5-6 drinks
$5.33 per drink

Tropical Treats

Refreshing cocktails for sunny afternoons and warm evenings.

Dia de Muertos

Tomoka White Truffle Tequila, Tomoka Falernum, Plantation Overproof Rum, Tomoka Passionfruit Syrup, Tomoka Aromatic Bitters, Nixie Absinthe, Lime
$35 for 5 drinks
$7 per drink

Headless Horseman

Chivas 12YO Scotch, Pineapple, Tomoka Hibiscus Shrub, Tomoka Falernum, Tomoka Smoked Chili Tincture
$26 for 6 drinks
$4.33 per drink

Island Daiquiri

Tomoka Pinepple & Coconut Rum, Lime, Tomoka Ginger & Lemongrass Syrup
$22 for 6 drinks
$3.67 per drink

Mai Tai

Diplomatico Planas Rum, Grand Marnier, Lime, Tomoka Orgeat, Myers Dark Rum
$29 for 6 drinks
$4.83 per drink

Whisky Favourites

Concoctions featuring Scotch, bourbon and rye.

Bronx Cheer

Rittenhouse Rye Whiskey, Tomoka Golden Falernum, Lime, Muddled Raspberries
$42 for 6 drinks
$7 per drink

New World Chai

Tomoka Cocoa Tequila, Jim Beam Bourbon, Tomoka Cinnamon Tincture, Vanilla Syrup
$26 for 6 drinks
$4.33 per drink

Saffron Boulevardier

Maker’s Mark Bourbon, Campari, Aperol, Tomoka Saffron & Pomelo Shrub, Tomoka Orange Bitters
$22 for 6 drinks
$3.67 per drink

Vodka Cocktails

There's always room for a martini and a bloody mary in life.

Bloody Mary

Absolut Vodka, Tomoka Bloody Mary Mix
$12 for 4 drinks
$3 per drink

French-Khmer Martini

Absolut Vodka, Fresh Pineapple, Chambord, Tomoka Kampot Pepper Tincture
$26 for 6 drinks
$4.33 per drink