Menu Design

Fully-costed menus to fit your bar's needs
We design cocktail menus - everything from adding a few new signature drinks to a full menu re-design.
We will work with you to make sure that your price points and target margins are met, and design drinks taking into account your customer demographics, space available, staff experience level, and preferred suppliers.
We deliver:

Detailed recipe book with full instructions on each drink

Costing spreadsheet with a full breakdown of the cost of each drink's component ingredients and recommended pricing

List of suppliers for all ingredients with contacts

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Graphic design also available.

Staff Training

Training delivered in English or Khmer
Well-trained staff are the difference between an excellent cocktail and a mediocre one, without increasing your cost-per-drink at all.
We provide staff training in all aspects of making cocktails - click here to download a list of suggested topics.

Bar Design

Fully designed for easy and efficient service
An efficient space allows you to serve your customers better drinks, more quickly.  Our Managing Director has 15 years of experience in the bar industry, a degree in Architecture and Engineering, and has designed and re-designed bars in the USA and in Asia.
We can provide:

Full bar layout design

Sketches for custom sinks, ice bins, and bar work stations.

Full list of recommended bar tools, glassware, and refrigeration units with suppliers.

Contact for more information.