Short & Strong

Short & Strong

Refined cocktails for a soirée or nightcap

A set of drinks to sip and savor. Ideal for an elegant soirée – or for returning home to as a nightcap. Each cocktail is based on a different liquor – bourbon, vodka, gin, rum, and tequila – so there’s something for each of your guests to enjoy. All drinks are served straight up or over large-format ice cubes (supplied).



Set Contains:

Make 30 drinks

Complete Set $90

All these cocktails can be stored in the fridge for as long as you like, apart from the South Sea Orchid, which is best drunk within 3-4 days.



We deliver Tuesday to Friday 4pm – 11pm, Saturday 3pm-11pm and Sunday 11am-8pm. Please place your order by 4pm for same-day delivery, or any time the previous day or before. We mix your drink and bottle it just before sending it out. There is no charge for delivery. 
Call, SMS, or WhatsApp 098 813 018, or send us a Facebook message.

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