Premium Vesper Martini

Premium Vesper Martini

Hendrick's Gin, Grey Goose Vodka, Lillet Blanc

Hendrick’s Gin, Grey Goose Vodka, Lillet Blanc

A definite indulgence, the Premium Vesper Martini uses Hendrick’s Gin and Grey Goose Vodka along with the essential Lillet Blanc, to make a drink that is crisp, smooth, and extremely strong. Shake and serve very cold, with a simple lemon twist to add a hint of fresh citrus.

In the words of James Bond, who describes this drink in Iam Fleming’s 1953 novel Casino Royal, “I never have more than one drink before dinner. But I do like that one to be large and very strong and very cold and very well-made.” 

Delivery includes:

  • 500ml of Tomoka Vesper Martini (makes 6 drinks)
  • 6 Lemon Twists
  • Instruction sheet

$39.50 for 540ml (6 drinks)

Cost per drink $6.58

Suggested Additions: Large Ice; Cocktail Glasses; Shaker; Barspoon

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