Hibiscus Cooler

Mai Tai

Samai White Rum, Grand Marnier, Lime, Tomoka Orgeat

Russian Standard Vodka, Tomoka Hibiscus Shrub, Lime, Tomoka Grenadine, Mint

A super refreshing vodka cooler, using tart hibiscus shrub for a burst of flowery freshness, alongside flavours of pomegranate, mint, and lime.


Delivery includes:

  • 540ml of Tomoka Hibiscus Cooler  (makes 6 drinks)
  • Fresh Mint Leaves

$28 for 540ml (6 drinks)

Cost per drink $4.66

Suggested Additions: Rocks Glasses, Ice, Jigger, Barspoon

Posted in Classic Cocktails, Desperate Measures, Refreshing Rooftop Treats.