Making An Order

Place an order by 4pm for same-day delivery, or any time the day before. We can deliver from 4pm-11pm Tuesday to Friday, 3pm-11pm Saturday, and 11am-8pm Sunday. We will mix them just before sending them out to you.

You can order by:

Email via

Phone, SMS, WhatsApp via 098 813 018

Facebook message

We deliver to central Phnom Penh, including Toul Kork, Daun Penh, 7 Makara, Khan Chamkamorn, and Koh Pich. See our delivery map for more details.

No – delivery within our delivery area is free of charge. If you are outside our delivery area, you are welcome to pick orders up from our space at Sras Chak, close to Wat Phnom – get in touch via and we will see if we can help you.

From Tuesday to Friday, we're open from 4pm-11pm. On Saturdays we are open from 3pm-11pm, and on Sundays from 11am-8pm. If you would like to arrange a delivery outside these hours, email us in advance at and we will try to assist you.

At the moment, we only take cash-on-delivery. We are aiming to expand our range of payment options soon.

Absolutely - and for each empty glass bottle returned, we will discount $0.25 from your next delivery - just let us know when you are placing your order. 

About the Cocktails

We use well-respected branded liquors, and freshly-squeezed juices prepared on site. We use many of our own syrups and liqueurs, made on site in small batches using real ingredients – our grenadine is made from pomegranates, our orgeat is made from almonds, and none of our products have any stabilizers, colorings or preservatives.

The vast majority of our drinks have no sugar added – sweetness comes from liqueurs, fruit juices, and natural syrups. Where sugar is added in the form of cane syrup, this is listed in the descriptions. 
We can include an additional bottle of cane syrup with your order if you prefer your cocktails a little sweeter.

First, browse through our cocktail pages – we describe the flavors of each drink, and you will probably find something that appeals to you. If you are planning a party, take a look at our Complete Bar Sets, where you will find well-rounded selections of popular drinks.
We are always happy to chat to you and make personal recommendations – get in touch at, or drop into our space in Sras Chak (close to Wat Phnom) during our opening hours.

It depends on the drink, and how much juice they contain. Something like a Negroni or a Manhattan is good pretty much indefinitely, but drinks with fresh fruit juice (especially pineapple and pomelo juice) are best within 2-3 days. If you think you will need to store drinks for a while, let us know and we will advise.

Each drink arrives with a short instruction sheet, which describes exactly how to prepare and serve each cocktail. It's very simple - in general, drinks need to be either shaken, stirred, or just poured over ice before adding a pre-made garnish.  Each instruction sheet also contains a QR code linking to a short instruction video, if you want a more detailed explanation. You can also watch these instruction videos here.

Not much! With just a shaker, strainer, mixing glass, measure, and barspoon, you can make everything in our range. You can purchase these items from us, to be delivered with your order. Alternatively, you can improvise with things found around the house – a large jar with a lid will work as a shaker and strainer, kitchen measuring cups can substituted for bar measures, and a dessertspoon can work as a barspoon.

About our Products

We make our products in small batches at our space in Sras Chak. We use a combination of locally-sourced ingredients and some imported from overseas, including Ecuadorian cocoa beans, French lavender, and Caribbean Allspice. 

Yes - get in touch with us via and we can discuss your requirements.   

Product orders over the value of $10 we will deliver in the same way we deliver our cocktails – simply place your order via email, WhatsApp, SMS, or phone. For orders under the value of $10, drop by our space in Sras Chak (close to Wat Phnom) during our opening hours.


Every week we will feature a new cocktail of the week. This could be something using seasonal ingredients, something appropriate for a certain holiday, or something we just think is delicious.   

You can become a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly subscriber. If you subscribe weekly, let us know when if the week you would like your cocktail and we will deliver. If you subscribe bi-weekly or monthly, you can order two or one Cocktails of the Week per month respectively. When you see a featured drink that catches your attention, get in touch and let us know when you would like it delivered. 

Our subscription packages run 6 months or one year – the perfect treat for yourself or gift for any cocktail-lover. 

At the moment, subscriptions must be paid for up-front - in the future we will introduce the option to pay monthly by credit card. 

If you don't like what we have on offer, you can trade in your subscription that week or month for $20 off any of the drinks on our regular menu.  

Pricing varies depending on frequency and length of subscription package. We have options for weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly deliveries, for either 6 months or one year.

Prices are: 

6 month, monthly: $140 ($23.33 per delivery, approx $3.89 per drink)

6 month, bi-monthly: $274.50 ($22.88 per delivery, approx $3.81 per drink)

6 month, weekly: $548 ($21.08 per delivery, approx $3.52 per drink)

1 year, monthly: $270 ($22.50 per delivery, approx $3.75 per drink)

1 year, bi-monthly: $498 ($20.75 per delivery, approx $3.46 per drink)

1 year, weekly: $998 ($19.19 per delivery, approx $3.20 per drink)

Email and let us know which package you would like!


We have several options – you can choose a selection of our menu items, or look at our pre-selected Complete Bar Sets. People tend to drink about 2 cocktails per hour, so to entertain 10 people for 2 hours, we would suggest ordering 40 drinks, or about 7 or our standard 6-serving bottles. 

We can also create a bespoke menu for your event – if you have a particular theme or favorite flavors, we can plan a menu around it, tailored to your event. We can even create custom drinks especially for you. Get in touch with us at to set up a consultation 

If you are planning a large event, get in touch with us for our event rates. 

At the moment, we can't staff events – we are planning to be able to offer this service very soon. However, if you have staff, we are more than happy to train them in how to serve our drinks in a professional manner.